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Give your children universal spiritual tools that help them realize their potential and deepen their sense of purpose in life.

Through using a variety of learning approaches —including engaging videos, animations, games,  art activities, journaling and more – Spirituality for Kids programs help children tap into their inner strengths and see that the power to overcome challenges lies within them. Children learn to focus on goals, reflect on their actions and understand the impact of their choices, as well as recognize the benefits of human dignity and tolerance and develop a desire to make a difference in the world around them.

Spirituality For Kids is a free online program that you and your child can do together. Don’t wait another minute!

Level One
Level Two


Materials for parents & educators to support the children's comprehension of spiritual concepts, promote discussion on a higher level and strengthen cognitive understanding.

  • Level 2 Teaching Kit
  • Level 1 Teaching Kit

Connecting to Intuition

Being able to listen to our intuition is like having a GPS navigate us on unfamiliar highways. It is our inner voice that warns us about a danger, or tells us it’s okay to trust. It is a built-in best friend that’s always ready to help when we feel insecure, have a doubt, or just need direction.

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